Karianne Cisek, Licensed Massage Therapist

Powerful practices like holistic healing, mindfulness, and setting an intention have always captured my interest. Massage therapy allows me to activate these practices. I intend to be mindful during my practice and help my clients let go of stress by bringing their bodies and minds back to a place of true relaxation.

I recently earned my massage therapy certificate at Columbus State Community College and I am very excited to begin my practice at Embody Health and Wellness. As a massage therapist, I seek to meet the immediate needs of my clients through the use of Swedish and Trigger Point massage modalities. Aromatherapy is also a significant influence in my practice.

It’s important for me to really understand the kind of problems my clients are experiencing.I believe in identifying where my clients are experiencing pain, explaining why it might be occurring, and how it can be reduced or prevented from happening again.  As someone who is committed to an active lifestyle, whether it is yoga or an intensive crossfit workout, my body intuition helps me to target certain muscles that need attention. I enjoy the challenge in finding the most effective technique to help alleviate any stress or discomfort. I seek to boost body function and flexibility, enhance quality of sleep and focus, and elevate your overall sense of well being.

My passion for mind- body therapy and my strong desire to help improve the lives of others is what lead me to begin a career in massage therapy. It is quickly becoming my greatest and most genuine passion.