About Stacia


I first came to the practice of yoga in the late 1990s as a student at The Ohio State University. I took classes at OSU and supplemented with VHS tapes in my apartment. For most of the early 2000s I was in an “on again/off again” relationship with yoga until I finally realized one of the only places I was ever truly present was on my mat. A recent spiritual adventure to India solidified my commitment to the practice and a desire to share it with others. I am especially interested in debunking the myths some people have about yoga and bringing its benefits to the newbies and skeptics.

My yoga classes are Hatha-based and focus on alignment and breath. While students may only be in class for an hour or two each week, I hope to show them actionable ways they can take their yoga practice off the mat and into their lives to tap into their inner sense of ease, confidence, and awesomeness. I take great pride in creating a space for all my students to feel comfortable exploring a practice that may be new or different for them. I also have experience teaching yoga to visually-impaired adults.