Couples massage

Side-by-side massage on our heated massage tables. Choose from our Signature Hot Swedish massage or any options on our massage menu. $149 per couple.

pregnancy massage.jpg

pregnancy package

Shower the mom-to-be with a relaxing experience that starts with a 60-minute massage. Cap it off with our signature manicure. $99


friends & family

Bring a friend or family member and experience a luxurious two-hour session that includes our signature Hot Swedish Massage, a 30-minute hydrating spa pedicure and an express manicure. Two people for $199. Call for pricing for larger groups.



Corporate wellness events are our speciality. Whether you are hosting a wellness fair or just providing a relaxing break for your busy team, our licensed massage therapists offer tension-relieving chair massages that will leave your employees relaxed and focused. Chair massages are also a hit at showers, bachelorette parties and other personal gatherings. We can set up between one and five massage chairs (depending on your party size) in your location for $120 per chair, per hour. Call for references and more information.